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This is a roleplay forum for the twilight series. So any twilight saga fans that love to roleplay this forum is for you.
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 Please Read and Abide

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PostSubject: Please Read and Abide   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:20 am

General Information about Life With The Cullens.

1. This roleplay is set AFTER Breaking Dawn.
2. The maximum amount of threads you may participate in at one time is TWO. This is to ensure other players are not left behind.
3. Liquid time is observed here; meaning you can be in two places at once. BUT you must link up the two happenings. EG: perhaps Edward was posting at Bella's and at the Cullen's at the same time. To link them, he could say he was at Bella's in the morning, then proceeded to the Cullen's after that.
4. If you are a werewolf, you may not imprint on ANY character without the permission of one of the mods (Bella Cullen, Admin ). This is to ensure that important plot devices remain intact.
5. Werewolves may NOT invent new legends. We run strictly on Quileute legend only. Any already established characters that have their own werewolf legends are free to operate on the set legend rules they have already outlined, but MAY NOT invent new rules. If this happens, mods will intervene and may result in warnings.
6. Guests MUST NOT sign up for accounts with Canon Characters! This will result in AUTOMATIC rejection and deletion of accounts.
7. Any user with a Canon Character who does not post for a period of SEVEN DAYS will received a warning. If they do not post for another seven days (fourteen days total), they will lose their character and it will be available to other players.
8. Any accounts that are not logged in to for fourteen days without prior notification to mods will be deleted, no questions asked.

Please follow these rules while interacting with other players.

1. Do not use harsh profanities. Words like 'crap' etc. are fine, but no explicit words, please.
2. Do not have OOC arguements on the board. If you have any problems, please inform the mods, or take it to a messenger.
3. Don't use netspeak. It's really annoying, and people just don't like it.
4. Make sure you have a good time =)

Please follow these rules when posting on the boards.

1. Use proper grammer. Nothing is more ugly than bad grammer. Please use spellcheck if you are unsure of spelling. The feature is available on the board when you write a post.
2. Don't make posts that are too short.
3. Make sure you put a lot of flesh into your writing; like describing things around you such as the environment.
4. Do NOT powerplay other characters. You cannot make another player's character do any kind of action. Powerplaying will result in a warning, then a penalty.
5. Use bold tags when conversing. EG: "Hello, how are you", she said.
7. If you are going to post NC-17 stuff, you MUST be over 18 and you MUST hide your post. This means making use of the [ hide] [ /hide] tags. You can only read hidden posts by replying to the topic. If I catch ANYONE who is a minor reading hidden posts, they will be banned instantly.
8. Please put the full name of you character as your display name after you've been approved. You can change this via the 'Profile' tab.

Writing Style:

1. Everything is to be written in first person; this is simply because that is the way Twilight is written. Also, I find first person POV can be just as effective in portraying actions and expressions, but it also is a lot easier to convey feelings. Since Twilight is a very feeling-orientated book, this is probably the best way.
2. Please don't type your entries using netspeak. Netspeak is okay for OOC, but it doesn't belong in roleplaying.
3. Try and follow the plot as much as you can. The mods and I will periodically lay out plot twists, such as a visiting coven of vampires etc. You can't really ignore these kinds of things =)
4. Interaction is a key part of roleplaying. Make sure you base your posts on large amounts of character interaction. If you do not speak/interact with another character, it is likely that they will not want to do the same to you and you'll be stuck roleplaying with yourself.
5. Please observe rational time and logical character input into threads. You cannot go from Seattle to Forks in just two posts within a half hour. Use common sense; Im not going to tell you how long it should be, but keep in mind you can't just finish a conversation with one person and be in a different city in the next post.
6. Posts musn't be shorter than four lines at a MINIMUM. Please also remember that you cannot assume another character's thoughts because you cannot read minds (unless you are Edward Cullen).
7. Please try and make posts consist of writing other than just dialogue. If you continue to break this rule, you will incur a progressive ban (see below).

Regarding Multiple Characters/Accounts:

1. It is okay to play more than one character, however, some rules to apply. You can only have one Original Character.
2. You MUST PM me (Bonnie) or a Moderator, requesting permission to create multiple accounts. When you have got the go ahead to create an account, you may post applications etc. You CANNOT post before you receive permission.
3. You can play no more than 3 characters at once. If you make multiple accounts and say you are someone else, I WILL KNOW. The forum does cross reference IPs.

Progressive Banning:

Progressive banning is the gradual restriction of forum facilities to users who disobey rules. It isn't hard to follow the rules here at Life with the Cullens, but if you do so, the following will occur:
1. You will receive a warning via PM by a moderator or admin. It will outline what you did wrong and inform you that we will pay special attention to your activities from now on.
2. A second warning will be applied; outlining strict details for you to follow from now on.
3. A restrictive ban will be placed upon your account (if you have more than one, all accounts will have the ban applied except in special cases) in the form of banning you from posting for a set period of time. You may post again once the ban is lifted.
4. If you repeat the mistake again, you will be banned from the forum. Bans can include IP address, Email addresses, usernames and hostnames. You will not be coming back if this happens, trust me.
5. If you use a PROXY or masked IP, you will not be approved.

Thankyou everyone, and I hope you have a good time at Life with the Cullens
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Please Read and Abide
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